Startup Consulting and the Problem of Venture Vultures

My Sales Genius

Startups, I’m here to save you. And venture capitalists I apologize for the apparent slander, not my intention. But startups and new small businesses, most of you are totally capable of starting small and growing organically and quickly with a little bit of guidance and some words of wisdom to directionally guide you in the direction you seek. Not all small businesses need large or even small capital injections. The problem is that not all startups can afford consulting. This is where incubators and seed money comes in. A few bucks and some business expertise and all of a sudden they own 25% of your small business. As far as I’m concerned; unfair.

Startups, you need some guidance. Of course. Your young, your new, and as some “Angel” Investors see it, you are venerable. For now you can reach me for free in the comments section, and soon I will…

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