Hero: Making tough decisions


A must read article on what tough decisions are needed to taken for being successful as a leader at a start up! Original article is from Onstartups.com

So, here’s advice to my future self and all of you:  *DO* be a hero.

1. Be a hero.  Go after that big, powerful incumbent that doesn’t delight its customers enough.

2. Be a hero.  Hire that awesome, amazing person — even though they don’t fit any of the roles you’re currently looking for.hero woman 2

3. Be a hero.  Make that sacrifice that will negatively impact your profits but completely aligns with your passions.

4. Be a hero.  Make that really, really hard decision that even the smartest people you know can’t seem to agree on.

5. Be a hero.  Say no to that accomplished, super-successful person that your team interviewed, loved and convinced to join — but doesn’t fit your culture.

6. Be…

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